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Engine 4-2
1968 Ford / American
500 gpm American front-mount pump
500 gallon water tank

Originally known as "Pumper 42", this unit was later redesignated as "Engine 4-2" as part of a county-wide apparatus numbering system. This unit operated as the primary engine for vehicle related calls (fires, accidents, etc.) and as the secondary engine on structure / suppression calls for 16 years until 1984 when the current Engine 4-3 (1984 Ford/American) was placed into service. Engine 4-2 spent its remaining 19 years as the third due engine and ran mainly only structure fires and brush fires. It was very common for Engine 4-2 to be used as a fill site engine during that time period. This unit was retired in 2003 after 35 years of service when the Department opted to drop from three pumpers down to two. This is the only unit in the history of the Department to ever carry the "Engine 4-2" designation.

It is currently owned and maintained by a life member of the department.

Pumper 42 at the 1975 County Convention in York Springs
Pumper 42 at the 1975 County Convention in York Springs